Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Fall!!!!!!!!!!

Date : Thursday 17th Ferburary 2011
Today maanu fell for the first time hand/head on the floor. His desire of paper has been the culprit.
In evening as usual he was felling sleepy, we wanted to keep him awake a little longer. So we decided to put him in his crowned chair…….but the chair is not anymore strong and capable to hold the brat.
As I was to take other thing, I wanted to divert his mind towards other things so that he doesn’t start crying[nowday’s he’s getting very sensitive about things he have]. I gave him today’s paper in good faith and thinking soon he’ll start reading….. :D :P
But to everyone’s surprise the thing that followed changed us. He first played with the paper and threw it to his left and in his futile effort to get it back…he just title far enough to roll off to floor take the chair along with him.
Lucky escape and Fortunate event
Now he know how it feel when fallen :D will be useful in his life :D