Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Interesting Pictures of an Irish

July 1 2008 - Canada Day


The Garden State
- nice paced movie. its a story but a boy who doesn't have memory of his life thanks to his father prescription to drugs(medicine). During the movie, you realize that everyone has some sad story to tell which now a part of there life. No body is lucky and no body is unlucky, its just a matter of time. And sometimes you have to take sides/steps in life which might not be right but are for good.

No Country For Old Men(2007)
- true to its name. its violent yet sensible. its not like a everyday movie where in the end everything is turns out to be good. This story tells me that, if you are ruthless then be it, but if you have heart you it all the way and don't leave any stone's unturned, because one unturned stone may haunt you and can decide the course of your life (a character in the movie, had to give a guy water, he forgot it while thinking about money, when he realized he had to do it, he went back and got himself into a mess. which took his and his wife's life).

The Bank Job(2008)
- different style of robbery....by the way there is no style to it, its just plain lucky. But what ever happens after the robbery is more interesting. Robbery is just a ground built up for the mayhem. Has a good end to the story not that everyone got out of it but someone who went all the way were saved by the script writer .....lol