Saturday, August 18, 2007

17 Aug 2007

The Temp (movie)
starring timthy hutton, lara flynn boyle(sweet)
story : one of those deceptive plotter film where your not able make out whos the culprit. But this has a easy plot. the catch is, movie makes you think otherwise. On the second thought at the end it feels like the main character did all off it, caus he has got a lot out of it.

Escape From Alcatraz (movie)
starring clint eastwood
story : the only escape from the Alcatraz. situations which forced him to do it. the most memorable scene is 'Doc' chopped his finger because warden has taken off his painting privileges.

Cool Ideas (movie)
starring (i don't know who and i don't care)
story : well hadn't had the courage to watch such a movie. just saw some scenes, was putoff. watch it at your own risk or maybe as a last resort.