Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Good Old Times

There are times when everyone feel sad and alone, but there are always some sweet memories to help us out of those situations.

I had my times but what I remmeber most is that I also do have some sweet memories to live with and many more to come. Life is painfull but it brings along some joys too.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Not intent on arriving

long back I went to a trip to Leh by road, which till date is the best and adventurous trip I ever had. Adventurous because, it was not very well planned.
It all started with a stupid talk about the places we can go for a two-three day trip. Suddenly it became all serious and some good places came up. At last we decided a five -six day trip to Leh . Next day, I along with 5 of my friends started of from delhi in bus and I didnt told my folks that I am going to Leh, instead I said I am going to Chandigarh(punjab).
It took us 5 hours to reach Chandigarh, a stop not the destination in our trip. From there we took a nother 6 hour bus ride to Manali. From Manali to Leh, u can hire car with a descent 1000 bucks per head, which is good considering a two day trip depending upon time you leave manali.

The best part is the travelling from Manali to Leh. Site seeing is mind-bogbling. At one point I thought why not spend the rest of my life here, but thats just a thought not reality. Nobody can explain the beauty of the place, you have to see it yourself. Its worthwhile travelling once.

As we were unplanned, we were stuck up in Leh, because there a single site seeing place takes one day to get the permission and another day to travel and come back. Point being if you want see 5 sites take 15 days of trip. That was the reason we left the next morning back home.

But I will go there once againg sometime, but better planned, even if its a unplanned trip.